Fequently Asked Questions

How do I download my portraits?

There is two ways you can do this.

To download all images:

* When you are looking at more than one image on your screen that will download all images in your gallery.

* This is too much information for a cell phone or ipad.

* Please use a computer to do this. How to download click on the down arrow.

* This will open up a window that will ask for you email.

* After entering your email wait 15 mins then check your email.

* When you open the email it will start to download to your computer.

To Download All Images

Screenshot (9)_LI

If you want to download one image:

* Open your gallery.

* Choose what image you want to download.

* Make sure you are only looking at one image on your screen.

* Click on the down arrow this will work on any device.

* Upload any image to your favorite sharing site or print from my online store.

To Download One Image

Screenshot (10)_LI

How to purchase from online store

* Unlock Gallery with chosen password

* Click on buy this photo

* Pick the type of keepsake you would like

* Pick the size you need * What finish do you need?

* How many do you need? * Confirm order & shopping cart

* What address will this be shipped to?

* Do you want this to have a tracing number? * Enter your payment information.

* Review your order information

* Complete Order & ship. What is the estimated shipping date?

* Save order conformation number

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