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Locations that I love to use!

April 20th, 2022

Having a great location is the key to a great photography session. You can be the best at what you do and buy the best equipment, but if you take a picture with garbage all around you the effect will be a lot different than what you wanted. Yes you can photoshop it but why would you want to. Just pick a new location! I like to choose a location that is local to the client and I. There are many locations around Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. I am located in Greensburg, PA and have found some hidden gems that I like to use. Some of the local parks that I like to use are Twin lakes Park & Peach Park located near Westmoreland Mall. I have found that the upper lake has the best lighting in the evening for Summer and Fall sessions. For senior Portrait and Family Fall portraits. I love to use Mammoth Park located near the Westmoreland Fair Grounds in Mt. Pleasant. For summer the metal bridge will make your portraits look amazing at Duff Park, Murrysville. This is a great location when the water is not too high to get in. I suggest not after a heavy rain for swimming portraits. Spring time can bring many beautiful flowers. I like to use Hempfield Park to capture all the newly budded white flowering trees. This park has many great spots for large groups they offer cute bridges with access to the creek for great splash portraits or for a newborn session.

 I have also used private land locations. Thanks to the permission of the land owners. I have a local barn that is beautiful for a more rustic look. I like to use this for maternity sessions. I have a hidden gem across the street from the studio that I love to use. There is 3 miles of walking trails that are so beautiful in the Spring, Summer or Fall. The land use to be a landing strip for planes and hot air balloons in the 1950's. Hard to believe Greensburg, PA had a airport. I got to see the land mature over the last 40 years. I use to play baseball there when I was a kids. The land has ball fields and mature trees for a family friendly atmosphere.

One great location that I love to use is Mount Odin Golf Course. There is beautiful trees that line the road and the view from the golf course is amazing you would never know it is in the middle of downtown Greensburg.

Late Summer early Fall is a beautiful time to go to a sunflower field or a pumpkin patch. Finding the best locations for that happen to be a gift of mine. I love to find new a exciting locations that are only up to 30 miles from the studio.

Historical sites are a wonderful way to give back to your community. The cost is typically is low. They ask you to fill out a permission slip because they want to know who is on the property. I'm sure it is for insurance and safety reasons. The less people on the property at the time is always best. That is one good reason to check with them before booking a mini session there. How much fun do you think it would be to have a second grade class having a field trip during your session time. I love the hour or two before the sun sets to do most of my sessions the glow through the trees can not be photo shopped the way the sun can shine naturally.

 For a more urban look I like to go to downtown Greensburg, PA. It is amazing how many looks and backdrops you can pull off around town. They have an art alley that many senior love to take portraits at. The colors seam to just pop off the all from the spray paint art murals . The Old buildings around town can tell a story form your family history or how the city is changing for the future. The huge porch pillras can make for a grand setting. I love to find a hidden spot and make it a session worthy gem location. Some of the best places I have found are the parking garages the can give aerial view of the city.

Knowing your location is key. You should always scout out the location if it is new to you. Knowing what time your lighting is going to be at its best is the key to a great shot. I hope I was able to help with making your location choice.

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