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National Lupus day!

May 10th 2022      

Something you might not know about me is that I was diagnosed with Lupus over 9 years ago. This makes being a photographer interesting to say the lease. Some might not know what Lupus is... you can't catch it from me.        Lupus is an inflammatory disease caused when the immune system attacks its own tissues. *Lupus (SLE) can affect the joints, skin, kidneys, blood cells, brain, heart, and lungs. *Symptoms vary but can include fatigue, joint pain, rash, and fever. These can periodically get worse (flare-up) and then improve. While there's no cure for lupus, current treatments focus on improving quality of life through controlling symptoms and minimizing flare-ups. *This begins with lifestyle modifications, including sun protection and diet. Further disease management includes medications, such as anti-inflammatories and steroids. of environmental trigger to set off the illness or to bring on a flare. The following are common environmental triggers: * Ultraviolet rays from the sun or from fluorescent light bulbs *Sulfa drugs, which make a person more sensitive to the sun, such as: Bactrim® and Septra® (trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole); sulfisoxazole (Gantrisin®); tolbutamide (Orinase®); sulfasalazine (Azulfidine®); diuretics *Sun-sensitizing tetracycline drugs such as minocycline (Minocin®) *Penicillin or other antibiotic drugs such as: amoxicillin (Amoxil®); ampicillin (Ampicillin Sodium ADD-Vantage®); cloxacillin (Cloxapen®) *An infection, a cold or a viral illness *An injury, particularly traumatic injury * Emotional stress, such as a divorce, illness, death in the family, or other life complications *Anything that causes stress to the body, such as surgery, physical harm, pregnancy, or giving birth *Exhaustion               Because of my Lupus I choose to plan my sessions around the best lighting times of the day. Planning ahead is always best. It is nice that the best time of day for me also matched the best photography lighting time thank God!        Before covid happen I was already trying to live like that. I didn't wash my groceries, but I did keep my distance from people when I could. Working at a school at the time did not make this easy at all. I would wash my hands constantly and I tried to avoid large gatherings from November until March because of cold & flu season. Even in the cold months I have to avoid the sun, eat right, & exercise daily. My health and your health are the most important to me. I know to most people having a cold may not be that deadly, but for me or a newborn that comes into my studio might have a bigger problem later from it. Please if you are sick or have been around anyone sick. I would be happy to reschedule your appointment for the next week to make sure that everyone stays healthy all year long.