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March 9, 2022

I was thinking of teaching a class/ Event. How to learn basic Digital Photography for children with a parent. I feel like it would be a good way to bond with your child. Try to teach parents how to see the world through their child's eyes and help the child see what the parent sees through the lens. Let me know if this is something you would be interested in. I want it to be a one day event and more of a bonding time between family members than a class that you sit down and listen to me talk. We would meet at a park. We would have a goal to capture and get to compare the image that you captured. You would have a locked online gallery to access your digital images, download them, print from my online store or share online. The day of class you can share your images with peers in the class or showcase them online when they are ready to be downloaded. This would be a great way to build a portfolio or try out a Canon camera before you buy one. I have 2 levels to choose from. Ages 12+ It would be a small class of 4 to 8 people. What would you pay to experience this?

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