February 2, 2022

Trying to decide what to wear to a a portrait session can be difficult for some people. One of the main reasons that most people do not get professional portraits done is because they have no clue want to wear or how to pose. I hear this all the time. I can help with both! Here are a few matching and styling tips you can use to help with each kind of session that you should need. Time passes so fast capturing this moment in time is hard enough, why make clothes the reason for holding you back.

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Newborn Session

Keep it simple you can coordinate the color but don't be too matching. I like cool colors and comfortable fabrics. Comfortable clothing can make all the difference in how your images turn out. Confidence comes from inside and at this time of transiting can be hard on new moms.

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Family Portraits

Choose a color palette. Pick one pattern or 3 colors. Do not over match your outfits all in the same shirt or color. It is ok to mix solids and a pattern as long as the colors match. Try to match the backdrop or location. Color is ok if you want to stand out.

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Engagement Session

I strongly suggest wearing solid colors. One pattern is ok if they match and is a subtle pattern or muted colors. Incorporating a clothing with a texture instead of a pattern can give a look of sophistication and romance to your portraits. I suggest men to wear khaki pants. Shorts are good at the beach. Trying to match or fit in with your location. Wearing a long dress or flowing sleeves can give movement to your portraits. I like to ask a couples to dance or to spin to capture fun and genuine smiles in your images.

Head shots

Dress like the boss. Depending on the job you want you need to look the part. Choose multple outfits for that day having a backup for that day is always helpful for the photographer to choose and give styling tips.Avoid wearing too much jewelry or clothes that are too warn out. Choosing the right color can say different things about you. Dark muted colors are more formal, domiating and conservative. Bright colors can say fun, full of creativity and adventurous.

Fall & Holiday Portraits

For fall family portraits i suggest wearing colors that will match the fall changing leaves. Yellow & navy work great together be cause of the contrast and pop of color. Maroon, red, black and gray work well together for both settings. One great color combo for holiday mini sessions are dark green, red, blue with a touch of cream. The trend to wear your PJ's will never go away. It is ok to be over matching with this. It actually make the pictures better. Having different colors of red is sometimes a problem. I recommend buying them all at the same time together to make sure they all match.

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I hope that this blog was helpful for you to plan outfits to capture the images that you want for your next portrait session. Each session is unique in the story that you want your images to tell. Every clients and family is different. How can I make it fun and memorable for you?

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